16 February, 2014

She made it!

Our little gal!  Lillian Rae delivered by Cupid instead of via stork.   Feb 14 @ 4:05pm.  8lbs 2oz and a whopping 21.5"! 

Labor/delivery was a gauntlet, man.  Pitocin for 30 hours (1 small break) & AROM before I gave in to the epidural.  Made it to complete dilation, pushed for 2 hours only to have her get stuck at -2 station.  C- section for failure to descend.  That was a doozy due to my other 2 abdominal/ovarian surgeries.  Now having issues with milk coming in...uuuugh!   Baby girl is such a cutie, though.  The pain & struggle & craziness is worth it ♥

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  1. Congratulations on the sweet baby girl! She's perfect!