19 December, 2015

Martin II

Long story short: we've been going for a sibling for L since May.  A nasty case of endometriitis delayed a bit.  We traveled to San Diego Dec 5 - 12 to see Dr Rockstar.  Transferred a good expanded blast with assisted hatching on the 8th.   Christmas came early, it's a healthy positive!   Martin II coming in September!  😆😆🐣

Cutest thing ever:  I was nervous about test day so a few days beforehand I asked L what she thought.  The only baby she knows thus far are pictures in books and her dolls (ie she hasn't been coached in the least.)  So I ask...

L, is there a baby in my belly?
Her: yeah!
Is it a brother or sister?
Her: Byah-her!

She has answered consistently each of the 3 times I've asked since then..... We'll see, 'ol girl!  Blue might be in our future!

05 September, 2014

6 1/2 months

206 days old

15# 11oz


Third tooth erupted today!

at night... 90% off the time she sleeps 2030 - 0600. 

Naps... 3 x per day usually 40-50 minutes.  In her crib, though, finally!  Becoming much easier to lay down & fall asleep.  Rock with paci & singing instead of only boob is now possible!

Medical: in pavlik at night.

Diapes: size 2, we started cloth diapers this month! 

Clothes size: 6-12m.  She's so long, we use 12m jammies.  Rompers are moms fav.

Favorite foods: zucchini, yellow squash, and peaches

Milestones: finally rolled back to tummy this week!  Sitting unassisted indefinitely.

Favorite toy:  stacking cups and blue chime elephant

Favorite book: all of them... we've been reading in espaƱol

Favorite activity: swinging & peek-a-boo!

Working on: belly scooting (in a circle) and transitioning from sitting to tummy (face plant at this point).  

What else: L has been recognizing different sounds. When she hears the door, she knows daddy's home!  Mom is attempting to teach sign language.  So far we know "bath, eat, swing, diaper, I love you"

Other life happenings: we pinned daddy to O5 this week.  Congrats, J!

27 August, 2014

6 months

My, how time flies!

There is a point in time when they say "the days are long but the weeks short."  Thank goodness THAT part is over ;). Now even the days are speeding by!  L and I spend our time going for walks, swinging in her tree swing, reading books (I'm even attempting to read in espanol), singing, and of course playing!!

... I think I'll have to start Baby-dates instead of bumpdates ;).

23 May, 2014

The difference a year makes

May 23rd, 2013; 0530

We saw that amazing 8 letter word in digi print... "PREGNANT"

Today, our beautiful Lilli is 14 weeks old, talking up a storm, and grabbing her toes!

Today, J is officially an O-5 select. 

My heart is bursting!


25 February, 2014

12 days old

We've survived 12 days without breaking her!  :) :) :)

Breastfeeding has been interesting. .. I had to start with formula supplementation via SNS tube in the hospital on sunday.  Apparently my 2 drops of colostrum wasn't cutting it.  Thankfully I was healing fine and Lilly stayed within their ' normal ' weight loss threshold so we got to go home on Monday.  What an exciting day!  We were both soo nervous!  We got home, looked around, and were like "ok now what?!" Haha.  10 minutes later I realized we had no formula and nothing for Lilly to eat. J scrambled to the store quick. 

Tuesday early morning I had some milk come in!  Was able to stop the formula that afternoon because I was pinning enough to feed her finally.  Such a good feeling!! By Wednesday, I was getting enough to stockpile in the fridge.  2-4 oz at a pump. Woot!  We had a little drama trying to figure out how to get off the tube. After an office call, numerous Facebook posts for help, and some tears I scheduled a lactation consult.  Friday was great because Lilly had gained weight and the lactation specialist was so helpful.  Today is Tuesday and aside from her being a sleepy nurser, we are rocking the boob.  Lilly is up to 8lbs 1oz today; big fatty!  

Sleep had been another story... She is so mixed up.  She sleeps fine in her crib but doesn't sleep especially well in the cradle in our room.  No room for the crib in our bedroom so we decided to upgrade to the 2 bedroom in 2 weeks instead of waiting until October.  I'm exhausted.  J is halfway sleeping because at this point he can't really help me at night time.  Luckily this girl is super cute and smiles big gummy grins in her sleep when she finally sleeps at 5am. So adorable my heart melts. 

We had our newborn photo shoot on Saturday.  We got a couple proofs- I can not wait to see the rest! !!!

Yesterday,  at 11 days old, she lost her belly button!

Its still hard to believe she's here....and she's ours! ♥

16 February, 2014

She made it!

Our little gal!  Lillian Rae delivered by Cupid instead of via stork.   Feb 14 @ 4:05pm.  8lbs 2oz and a whopping 21.5"! 

Labor/delivery was a gauntlet, man.  Pitocin for 30 hours (1 small break) & AROM before I gave in to the epidural.  Made it to complete dilation, pushed for 2 hours only to have her get stuck at -2 station.  C- section for failure to descend.  That was a doozy due to my other 2 abdominal/ovarian surgeries.  Now having issues with milk coming in...uuuugh!   Baby girl is such a cutie, though.  The pain & struggle & craziness is worth it ♥

10 February, 2014


Holy hell, I'm still pregnant!  Been having cramps,  contractions, and pressure for 8 days now... we've tried every wives tale in the book.   Except castor oil,  that doesn't sound pleasant at all. Ew.

I'm all about baby gjrl coming when she's ready and its her time.  Only problem is induction will be Friday if she doesn't figure it out by then. :(

I don't know what this chick is waiting on but it better be good!